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Offered in Barstow

In order to be enrolled in this Certification program, you must meet the barrier requirements as well as qualify for the WIOA program.  Click here for the barrier form, and click here for the WIOA Application form.  Contact us with any questions at (909) 481-0270.

Participants in the Barstow area have the amazing opportunity to further their education as part of the WIOA program, by obtaining their AA certificate from Barstow Community College. A personal Career Mentor will guide each student through the process of enrolling in courses and charting a course towards graduation. We will support each student with stipends as they complete the required WIOA program courses such as the Life Skills projects and Customer Service training.


We provide such needed essentials such as bus passes, gas cards, and a clothing assistance.  We may be able to help with the cost of tuition and books, depending on the given situation. 


Students will also have career counseling available to them to help identify and purse a long-term career.  Program participants will also have the opportunity to volunteer in the community, both as individuals and as a group.


 In addition to helping you hone your career-building skills, we can place you in actual Work Experience.  To learn more about Work Experience with Career Institute, click here.

What's next?

If you are interested in this program, please contact Melissa Matteson at 760-577-8269 or



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