How to be successful at work!

You've got the job!  We'll teach you how to keep the job.

Perhaps the biggest part of success is being prepared and having the right tools.  Learning to bring your "A Game" to work helps you to be sucessful every day.


The Center for Work Ethic Development provides curriculum, training and certification programs that have a long-term impact on individual and organizational performance.

Finding a job requires you to create a resume, search for the right job, have an interview, and follow up.  When you get the job, you keep the job by showing your employer how dedicated and enthusiastic you are at work.


Your employer expects you to be prepared for work.  This includes dressing properly, showing initiative, doing what is asked cheerfully, being honest, and always giving friendly service no matter what.


Now's the time to prove you've got what it takes!  Show your employer why they hired you, and why they want to keep you.  "Bring Your A Game" is a fun way to learn about how to be successful at work everyday.


Check out the seven "Rules to Live By" below and get ready to bring your "A Game!"


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