Career Connections/CalWORKS  Youth Employment Program (CYEP) places hard working employees with employers. Young Adults ages 18-24, work up to 40 hours per week to a total of 200 hours.  The program goals are building individual competencies, preparation to join the workforce permanently and developing a career path. Employers utilize the talents and interests of young adults, develop their skills and strengths, and provide positive adult role models. Participants are enthusiastic about not just earning money, but building their resumes with valuable work experience. Good news prospective employers; this program provides free employment to your business, government funded.

CalWORKS Youth Employment Program

Meet some of our inspiring CYEP success stories!



"I learned about the CYEP Program from the Welfare to Work program.  I am a single mother with two kids, and was receiving services from the County Welfare program.  CYEP assisted me by providing work experience at Staples, which later led to permament placement.


This program gave me a jump start and provided me an opportunity to land a job based on my own abilities.  My future plans include taking my real estate license in January and I hope to go into that field.  I don’t believe I would have been hired at Staples had I just went in and filled out a job application.  I really appreciate the help I received." - Kiara



Monica Espinosa, a mother of four, is new to the United States. Her family had a difficult time with the transition, and was struggling financially.  She first heard about our program through the TAD office. With their guidance, she enrolled in CYEP and started her career.  Monica then got an interview and a job at a Chiropractic office.

“CYEP placed me in a job site in an area that I wanted to work in. My Job Coach Josh McLane checked in on me all the time to make sure I was doing well, and provided me with help I needed.  Josh helped me with my timesheet and also at times of difficulties. CYEP gave me helpful information to help pursue my GED. I’m really grateful for the help and support of my job coach, and the program’s support.” - Monica



Allen Jones needed to find a job. He first learned about the CYEP program through his Cal Works worker. He didn’t wait; he jumped at the opportunity and was placed as a student worker at Staples.


A co-worker spoke highly about Allen saying, “Allen was very easy to work with, he always responded to my calls and messages. Most importantly, he was eager to work and it was not surprising he was hired on permanently.”


Allen is also currently working toward receiving his high school diploma, excited for the opportunity to further his education.  He says, “I would like to better myself and I know that with a high school diploma more doors will open up.”


“I was already nominated as Employee of the Month, and I was only working at Staples though CYEP for a month and a half.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.” -Allen

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