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The purpose of the College Guidance and Success Program is to provide mentorship and guidance to students pursuing their higher education and career! This program has College and Career Specialists on staff who are great support as they work closely with students to build on college, career, and employment readiness skills. College and Career Specialists can assist students with (but not limited to) the following: Resume Building, Cover Letter Writing, Interview preparation, Job searching, Career Portfolio building, Career researching, Creating SMART goals, Creating a career path, Post-secondary enrollment, Virtual College Campus Tours, Applying for scholarships, Financial aid applications, and so much more!





Meet our College Guidance and Success Program Director....Georgia Burckel!

Georgia Burckel is a former Career Institute student from the summer of 2011. Georgia completed our Hospitality and Management program in Rancho Cucamonga. Three years after she graduated the Career Institute program, she graduated from Chaffey College her associate degree. She then transferred to California State University San Bernardino and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Recently, Georgia graduated from the University of La Verne with her Master of Science degree in Educational Counseling. Georgia’s career goals include serving as a counselor & mentor in her community to help guide young adults towards their educational, academic and career success!

 College and Career Specialists hosting scholarship & financial aid application workshop. 

College Success Scholarship Winners 

Please contact Georgia Burckel at (909) 481-0270 or if you are an active participant in the WIOA Program and would love to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Meet our College & Career Specialists Jocelyn Rodriguez and Joshua Alban

Jocelyn Rodriguez is a former Career Institute program participant.  She completed Hospitality and Management program. In 2018 Jocelyn became a Student Ambassador for Career Institute's alumni program, where she helps and mentors new students navigate the program. She is attending Chaffey College and  has plans to graduate in the Spring 2020. From there her goal is to transfer to a Cal State or UC and pursue a career in Psychology work as a guidance counselor. We are so glad we have Jocelyn on our team!

Please contact Jocelyn Rodriguez if you are an active participant in the WIOA Program and would love to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! She can be reached at 

Joshua Alban is a former Career Institute program participant. He completed the Internship and College Mentorship program. In 2019, Joshua became a Student Ambassador for Career Institute, where he helps new students in the program, attends outreach opportunities, and represents Career Institute as an Alumni. He is currently attending Crafton Hills College and plans to graduate in Spring 2020. From there, Joshua’s goal is to transfer to Cal State San Bernardino and fortify a career in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. We are so happy to have Joshua on the team!

Please contact Joshua Alban if you are an active participant in the WIOA Program and would love to take advantage of this awesome opportunity! He can be reached at ​

California State University

Los Angles Tour

Mount Sac Campus Tour 

Brenda Schiaffni

Read an inspiring success story!

Brenda Schiaffni is a graudate of the Customer Service program.  While Brenda worked at the front desk of the Sheraton Hotel, she attended school at Mt Sac. Community College.  Brenda earned excellent grades by prioritizing her time and studying hard.  Working with Career Mentor has made a huge impact on Brenda, and has helped her develop a strong work ethic. College Guidance Specialist Georgia Burckel helped Brenda apply for college and register for classes.  Her biggest accomplishment is being the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college.


“Georgia helped me through this process that I had no idea what I was doing.  She also helped me pick out classes, and always checked in with me to make sure I was okay with everything regarding college. I am very grateful and thankful for the The College Guidance program because without it, I would’ve waited longer to register for college.”-Breanda Schiaffini

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