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You will learn how to live on a budget, manage bills, live debt free, be financially savvy and achieve your dreams without letting financial burdens stand in your way.

Start keeping more of what you earn! Learn to spend on what really matters.


Attend this 12 hour course and embark on a financial journey that will lead you on the pathway of financial discipline and security. You will:


  • Differentiate between needs, wants and desires

  • Hone your consumer skills

  • Understand the importance of credit, credit reports, and FICO scores

  • Construct a personal budget that will help you achieve your goals and dreams


Offered at all locations

What's next?

For more information on course start dates and times, contact LouAnne at (909) 481-0270 or

In order to be enrolled in this Certification program, you must meet the barrier requirements as well as qualify for the WIOA program.  Click here for the barrier form, and click here for the WIOA Application form.  Contact us with any questions at (909) 481-0270.

Are you planning on being a millionaire?  This course is for YOU!