Help, I’ve lost my paycard!!!  What’s a customer to do??

Is your initial reaction a moment of panic?  Are you trying to remember how to update that paycard information?  Never fear – we have got you covered!!  We make it easy – you don’t have to update any information, we have made it as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1.       Remind the cardholder to contact our customer service team immediately to report the paycard as lost or stolen.  This enables us to put a freeze on the paycard to stop any transactions from taking place.

2.      Provide the cardholder with a new cardholder packet and have them call our customer service team.  They just need to talk to one of customer service professionals and let them know they have a replacement card – we will transfer the paycard balance to the new paycard so they don’t lose access to their funds.  We will then get them a new personalized card ordered if applicable to your company.  If you don’t have extra cardholder packets available, we are happy to send the cardholder one.

3.      Don’t do anything else!!  That’s right, our customer service team manages the process of assuring the correct card number is attached to the cardholder.  You will never have to re-enter paycard numbers – it is a one-time entry when the person enrolls and never again.

That’s it, 1-2-3 and you are done!

Please call your Global Cash Card Account Manager at (949) 751-0360 if you need assistance.

Thank you for choosing Global Cash Card!

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