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WIOA Program (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)

Ongoing enrollment now for the WIOA program starts in July for young adults ages 18 to 24 . This is a grant/scholarship opportunity provided to young adults who have completed high school and who have faced or are facing certain challenges or obstacles in their lives which may be preventing them from moving forward into the world of education and/or a career. A series of short, certificated courses are provided, and one longer, job-related class.  Students receive stipends for completing courses and homework projects.  There are paid and unpaid work experience opportunities available locally after completing courses and passing final exams. Students are accepted based on qualifying ‘barriers’ and motivation/dedication to overcoming challenges. Call center to make an appointment for an interview. Click here for more WIOA info.  As part of the WIOA program you will learn life skills, how to manage your financescustomer service skills and how to land an amazing job!

Hospitality Certification

Are you interested in a dynamic career in the Hospitality Industry?  We offer a 10-week course that prepares you for employment in Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, and more.  Click here for more information!

Lake Arrowhead Office:
Saddleback Center
310 S. State Hwy 173 (Above 7-11)
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92321

Office: 909-744-8083


Programs and Services

Meet our Mentor:


The mission of the Lake Arrowhead Center is to support youth ages 18-24 as they seek lasting, fulfilling employment. Here we specialize in the finance and hospitality vocational fields, and provide Customer Service. We seek to support our participants as they grow and find their niche.

Jackee Benson
Career Mentor


Jackee attended college at Brigham Young University until she furthered her career as a National Certified Pharmacy Technician. Now in her 33 rd year in Pharmacy, she has taught over 8 years as a postsecondary instructor and then 4 years as Director of Education for the International Education Corporation. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Jackee is intent on success, having owned and operated her own business in Real Estate. Jackee is excited to bring her talents and experience to be working alongside the dedicated professionals at Career Institute. Jackee and her husband remain enamored by the beautiful mountains and wonderful community in which they live. She is dedicated to be working beside our local youth and community to develop partnerships in developing and nurturing a solid foundation for their academic and professional future.

Cyndi Smith
Administrative Assistant

Cyndi is a great contribution to the Lake Arrowhead office; she enjoys assisting the youth in completing their paperwork, and helping to run the office efficiently.  Cyndi Worked for Stater Brothers for thirteen years Ten of which she was Service Deli Manager and three in the front office. In 1999, Cyndi and her husband adventured into entrepreneurship and opened several businesses in Burbank, Las Vegas, and California.  Cyndi has learned through experience that there is no job too high or too low to do, but an adventure to enjoy, and that having the opportunity to work is something she has learned to appreciate in her life.  Cyndi believes that her life is a gift; full of leaning and endless possibilities everywhere around you.

Zach Cohen
College Specialist

Zach is currently enrolled at Riverside City College and majoring in Business Management. He hopes to one day start his own business and become a successful business owner.  He loves to help others find success on their path too!

He has helped mentor students since his High School days when tutored younger students. His hobbies include playing basketball, football, and weightlifting with friends in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  He says "Helping guide people to become the best version of themselves is really a good feeling!"

Leadership Connection

This program aims to assist young participants in making true connections with businessmen, entrepreneurs, and government leaders in the community.  This is a wonderful opportunity to pick their brains, get an up-close look behind the scenes of local businesses.  Click here to learn more!

Paid and Unpaid Work Experience

We not only help you with the skills needed to get a job, we help you GET A JOB using those skills.  You will work individually with a Career Mentor and get placed in what we call a "Work Experience" where you will have the chance to sharpen your skills and enhance your resume. Hey, you might even get paid! To learn more about Work Experience with Career Institute, click here.

Seminars and Workshops on Employment Development, Job Search Techniques, & Related Topics

  • Provided on site throughout the year by county Workforce Development personnel.

  • Seminars and Workshops on resume writing, dressing for success, how to get through college without amassing a fortune in debt, public speaking, and more.

  • Provided by local business persons and our own area experts!

Strategies for College Success


The curriculum includes:


  • Learning strategies

  • Critical thinking

  • Choosing courses

  • Time management

  • Test taking

  • Note taking

  • Career preparation

  • Counselor advisement

  • Technology use


Who will benefit from this course?


  • High school students preparing for college, especially high school seniors.

  • Career Institute students who want to attend college and need to know how.

  • Anyone who wants to see what college is about and how to navigate the system.


What is the cost and what does it cover?


  • The course fees, instructor fees, and text books are covered for current and follow-up Career Institute students.


What do I do next?


  • Call the Lake Arrowhead Center Career Institute at 909-744-8083

  • Or, drop by Wednesdays between 9am and 4pm for registration and enrollment.  We only have 15 spots available!

Meet Our

Student Ambassadors

Anthony Mello and Alyssa Guay

Meet Brooke:

An inspiring

success story!

Brooke Runkle joined the Career Institute as a student shortly after graduating high school. Later into our program, she became the office assistant for the Career Institute Lake Arrowhead office. Brooke has love for English and soon plans to begin an online training course to become a scopist. In her spare time, Brooke enjoys writing, listening to music, participating in church activities, and spending time with friends.