The purpose of the Leadership Program is to nurture and develop young leaders in the community by creating a dynamic learning experience with the cooperation and mentorship of local business leaders. Specifically, the program aims to assist young participants in making real connections with businesses, entrepreneurs, and government leaders, thus helping them realize their full leadership potential and the community that surrounds them.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 states: "Every youth provider is required to include 10 program elements. One of the program elements is Leadership Development, and leadership opportunities which may include community service and peer centered activities encouraging responsibility and other positive social behaviors during non-school hours as appropriate." 

The Career Institute has developed a successful program called the The Leadership Connection, which satisfies this requirement to run our program.

Take a look! Here is a little taste of the

Leadership Program Experience in our Big Bear location.

The goals of the Leadership Connection Program are to:

1. Identify and nurture young adults as potential community leaders.
2. Invoke a sense of civic responsibility in young adults through community exploration and mentoring.
3. Acquaint participants with regional and local resources, challenges and opportunities.
4. Learn about leadership in the community through mentoring exposure to community leaders, and visiting community organizations.
5. Develop a knowledge of career opportunities available in the community.
6. Develop the talents and skills of  young adults as community leaders.
7. Have community leaders mentor young adults on career, education, and life planning issues.




The Community Foundation mission is to strengthen Inland Southern California through philanthropy.  This is done by raising and distributing money and assets to bring more opportunities to young adults in this vibrant region.  The Community Foundation maintains the rigorous national standards for excellence, and is a member of the League of California Community Foundations.


Young Adult Grantmakers (a part of the Community Foundation and the Youth Philanthropy Initiative) gives young people an opportunity to practice organized philanthropy.  Participants learn about the issues in their communities and endow grants to non-profits that deal with concerns of young adults, while instilling in them the spirit of volunteering and giving.  Participants come away with honed skills in conflict management, leadership, communication, and civic duty.


Take a look at our 2014-2015 Overview!


What participants do:


  • Serve as spokespeople for The Community Foundation, The Career Institute, and The Success Institute on young adult issues

  • Learn about the nonprofit sector and the grantmaking process

  • Participate in site visits and service projects to learn about the nonprofit sectors infrastructure and service delivery programs

  • Send out and review grant applications to non-profit organizations (such as community groups, schools, churches)

  • Present what has been decided to the Grant Review Committee and Community Foundation Board for approval

  • Celebrate the accomplishments of the Young Adult Grantmakers through a Recognition Ceremony and present grant checks to non-profit agency recipients


Participant requirements:


  • Age 18-21

  • Willingness to work in a group setting with effective communication; an ability to share and listen

  • Commitment to a goal and follow through with associated tasks

  • Concern for/participation in community service in the past

  • Willingness to respond to adult mentoring efforts

  • Potential for personal growth

  • Ability to help coordinate and attend agency site visits and participate in service projects



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