Dear Health Care Employers.....
When you hire a Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide or Acute Care Nursing Assistant Graduate from Career Institute.....


We will pay 50% of their wages for up to 3 months!

We provide qualified, California State Board Certified, trained by Envision/ REACH centers
who are fully prepared to be excellent employees in your organization.


Here are the program benefits:


  • One source employee referral system

  • Reduce the high cost of employee training

  • No advertising costs for employee recruitment


How to participate....


1. Hire a CNA, HHA or ACNA Envision/ Reach Education/ Career Institute Graduate.

2. Provide Career Institute with pay check stubs for the employee and we will reimburse your organization 50% of their wages for up to 3 months!

If you have more questions, contact Career Institute at (909) 481-0270

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