Step 1- ES worker submits referral (no signatures required at this time) to Career Institute via email: or  Fax:  (909) 481-3947

Step 2- Participant is invited by Career Institute to attend an information session to determine eligibility.  If participant is eligible, preliminary acceptance letter is sent to participant's ES worker requesting signatures.

Step 3- Upon receipt of preliminary acceptance letter from Career Institute, ES worker returns referral to Career Institute, duly signed and authorized.

Step 4- Upon receipt of signed referral, participant is contacted by Envision/ Reach Education (Envision/ Reach Education conducts the classroom instruction) to schedule enrollment session in Rancho Cucamonga to sign paperwork and take required drug test.



Please share these 10 tips with all participants...

Success for Employment

1.   Put everything in place with your personal life and be ready to go to work.
2.   Plan for a reliable babysitter if you have children.
3.   Get your transportation arranged and make sure it is reliable.
4.   You will be expected to take a drug test, plan accordingly.
5.   Make sure your resume looks good and is current.
6.   Prepare your interview outfit.
7.   If you need help with anything related to the job search, ask.
8.   Consider part- time work, perhaps just one home care client.
9.   Consider all job offers; remember you are new to this career.
10.  If you really want employment you will need to be diligent and work at it.


We are available to you to answer any questions about the program, particularly the referral process...



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