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We hire the best of the best to mentor our participants and prepare them for their career, education, and life planning opportunities.

Work Experience

This is a Win-Win
for All!!!!

How You WIN!

- Train workers while WE pay the WAGES at your Worksite

- Workers Compensation covered by Career Institute while the trainee is learning at your worksite 

- Trainees come prepared to learn and bring fresh new ideas 

- Invest in Building a Community Workforce

- Career Mentors provide support to increase trainee's success

Work Experience for

Welcome Employers!

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Work Experience Trainee at your organization. 


Career Institute is excited to be working with you on training potential employees for your organization. 

Our participants are excited to have the opportunity to expand their skills, build and develop their work history.

Thank you for helping prepare young adults to take their place in the work force. 

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