Let's get ready to work!

  • validate career choice
  • learn how to be an employee
  • resume builder
  • learn how to be a team member
  • earn money
  • manage money
  • obtain a letter of recommendation
  • acquire references
  • develop talents and skills
  • meet new people
  • see how a company works
  • open doors of opportunity

Why Work Experience?

Hello Participants, time to punch the clock....

Here are the 3 steps to prepare for your Work Experience:

1. Print the Work Experience Participant Packet.  Click here 
to download and print.

Review the packet.  Once you have finished reviewing the packet, please click here to take the Work Experience Quiz to make sure you understood all the information.

3. Become familiar with the time sheet system. Each pay period you will fill out and submit your time sheets. Timesheets are located HERE must be emailed to by 5pm on the last day of the pay period or they will be held and paid in the next payroll period.

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