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Specializing in

Education, Career & Life Planning

Your plan and success are important to us 

Invest in your

 Success and Legacy!

The Career Institute is dedicated to delivering engaging training, effective coaching and mentoring for organizations and individuals.  Helping to find inspiration for growth and development in Career, Education and Life planning areas of focus.


"What lies ahead of us or behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."


Empower Growth

We help you:

-Define Your Path and what success means to YOU

-Create Intentional Success Connection

-Be Inspired to Enjoy the Journey 

         You are not alone we are here to help...

Guiding Principles:


  • Helping organizations and Individuals to reach their self actualized potential so they can live a purposeful, abundant and joyful productive life.


  • We encourage our clients to be innovative to meet opportunities and challenges in their lives and organization.


  • We foster an environment of collaboration and support.


  • We promote honesty, integrity and openness to meet opportunities with wisdom and perseverance.


Core Values Include: 


Excellence, Integrity, Inclusivity, Responsiveness, Recognition, Responsibility and Accountability. 

We have worked with thousands of clients since 1997.  We are excited to help you or one of your loved ones navigate their Career, Education and Life Plans.

My participation in the program boosted my confidence to meet deadlines and excel in my Medical Assistant courses.

- Brittani Sanchez

A local community business owner hired me from this program and became a mentor of mine. It has brought me one step closer to becoming an electrician.

- Yair Pastor

I started off taking ESL courses to get my high school diploma, then worked my way up to become a Certified Nurse Assistant with the support of this program.

- Rak Sao

Making it Happen

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