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Professional Development Workshops 

At Career Institute, we try to accomdate and adapt to changes around every corner. This is why we have developed online group workshops that benefit the participants and members of the communities that we serve. More information  is provided below. 

Professional Development Workshops Calendar

This is a calendar of the Professional Development Workshops we offer. All workshops are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time (PST). Click on the day with its description below to get a link to the online group workshop. Blank days indicate no workshops are scheduled for that day. Each workshop may be subject to change or cancellation, we apologize in advance for any future inconveniences. Please enjoy and learn all that you can!

June 2022


1st Week: 5/30-6/2




2nd Week: 6/6-6/9

3rd Week: 6/13 &- 6/14


Action Plan

An Action Plan is necessary for all WIOA participants when completing projects with Career Institute. Click the button below to access the Action Plan form that is specified for our Online Workshops. Please fill it out and complete it before the end of each workshop. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the host of the workshop or our Corporate Office. Thank you for your cooperation, work, and support with our Online Workshops!
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