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Kimberlee Walsh

Meet Kimberlee Walsh! Kimberlee believes she is successful today because all her hard work is paying off. She is dedicated to her education and on her way to receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She found out about the Career Institute through a presentation at her High School in Lucerne Valley and decided the program could help her with her future goals. She met with a Career Mentor and qualified to join the program! Career Institute helped her with time management, building confidence and networking. 
Her biggest accomplishments (so far) are graduating from High School, applying to colleges (with confidence) and taking the big step of moving away from home to attend college. She was accepted to Vanguard University! The first year of college, was a financial struggle and having support from the Career Institute to help with transportation was very helpful! Earning her degree in psychology and starting a non-profit organization are her goals for the future

Page Smith

This is Student ambassador Page Smith, and she's been with the Career Institute for almost three years. This program has helped her in so many ways and she couldn’t be more thankful. Three years ago, she was enduring some hardships in life. Page was a very shy, and quiet person and had no job experience. She was recommended to the program by a friend and decided to enroll. About a year later, she became a Student Ambassador for the program, helping other participants on their path to a brighter future. Because of the confidence she’s gained, Page is more open, talkative, and outgoing. She landed an internship with Career Institute in the Barstow office. This was a huge learning experience for her and she finally has a long list of skills to add to her resume and apply for jobs in the future. 
Career Institute gave Page so many opportunities to earn money and gain experience. She especially enjoyed telling others about the program and how it helped her so much! She recently had an interview for a position at Barstow Community College. She thanks Career Institute for giving her all of the skills and necessities needed to apply for this job. Ultimately, she landed a job at Swarovski where she was able to earn money for her on going education. 
Page finished her AA at Barstow Community College in Humanities and then went on to graduate from Park University with a BA in Social Psychology. Her next step is signing up for Masters classes to get her teaching credentials so she can pursue her dream of becoming and elementary school teacher. We know she can do it! Career Institute kept her on track these last three years and has helped her pave a way to a bigger future!


Jacob Guay

Jacob was introduced to the program through a presentation at his High School. At the presentation he was intrigued by what the program offered because he needed guidance on how to start his career path and gain work experience. The program helped him get a job at Stater Bros through the “A Game” certification (work readiness course) and Customer Service classes. Jacob feels the most beneficial curriculum was the Customer Service course because it helped him develop skills on how to effectively assist customers on the job! Jacob’s greatest obstacle has been school. It was difficult and tiring, when having to work at the same time. He overcame this by rising to the challenge and studying harder before work and on breaks at work. His greatest achievement so far is becoming an EMT! He was also able to get a car for transportation with the help of the Career Institute. He appreciates the boost Career Institute gave him helping with the gas money to get to school, work and the classes he took allowed him to start saving for it.  Jacob is a hard worker and believes in the Career Institute. Jacob recommends this program to young people exiting High School and entering adulthood. His goal in life is to become a Firefighter Paramedic and save lives. He would like to thank Jackee and everyone at the Career Institute for the opportunities they provided him.

Eeron Perez

This is Eeron Perez. She heard about Career Institute while attending a job fair at Chaffey College in January. She went because she would be receiving extra credit in one of her classes. She stopped by our booth and noticed that we help with Medical Careers. She has always wanted to be a phlebotomist. She wanted to begin immediately but due to her schedule she couldn't enroll with Career Institute. She was a little discouraged but stayed in contact with us. In June her schedule opened up and she enrolled in the the phlebotomy course at US Colleges and is almost finished!