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"What lies ahead of us or behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."


Career Institute: Specializing in Education, Career, & Life Planning.

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Our Success Stories

Testimonies from our Participants

We are so proud of the progress, achievements, and the success of our participants. Our Success Stories are the epitome of the work that we enjoy doing. We love to share good news and celebrate their accomplishments as if they were our own. At Career Institute, we highlight many of our participants' Success Stories on our Social Media platforms and in our meetings. Click the button below to find out more!

Wearing Mask in Public Transport
Disabled Athletes Playing Basketball

"Everyone deserves

an opportunity for success."

- Judy Takano, President/CFO

My participation in the program boosted my confidence to meet deadlines and excel in my Medical Assistant courses.

- Brittani Sanchez

A local community business owner hired me from this program and became a mentor of mine. It has brought me one step closer to becoming an electrician.

- Yair Pastor

I started off taking ESL courses to get my high school diploma, then worked my way up to become a Certified Nurse Assistant with the support of this program.

- Rak Sao

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